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This website was created to publish the Greyling Family research by Arnold Greyling. Please note that various sources were consulted to collect the data on this website. The accuracy of the sources were not always verified. You are free to use the data, but please quote the provided sources if you do. It is also a good idea to independently verify the data. You don't have to but it would be appreciated if you notify Arnold Greyling at greylina ‎(at)‎ if you publish data from this website somewhere else.

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Please note that all data about persons published on this site is available from other public sources. Data about "living" persons is not obfuscated, because I believe hiding information will only hinder research by others.

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Anna Magrieta Susanna VAN DEVENTERMay 30, 192495Birth
Casper Jan Hendrik PELSERMay 30, 1912107Birth
George Charles SCHIETEKAT + Louisa Maria Romar WIESEMay 30, 195861Marriage
Mari-Louise JANSE VAN RENSBURGMay 31, 196950Birth
Johnny SCHIETEKATbetween March 1915 and June 1918101Birth
Aletta Jacoba Magdalena GREYLINGbetween June 1895 and September 1901124Birth
Renier Lampbreeht RAL + Rosina Cataria GREYLINGJune 1, 196851Marriage
Cornelia Johanna Aletta HEYMANSJune 2, 192792Birth