Anna Petronella de WET1781

Anna Petronella de WET
Given names
Anna Petronella
de WET
  1. Generation 1
    1. Anna Petronella de WET was born about 1781. She married Petrus Gerhardus BOT(H)MA(N) on 18 January 1801. He was born on 8 December 1782.

      Children of Anna Petronella de WET and Petrus Gerhardus BOT(H)MA(N):

      1. Maria Petronella BOTHMA (1806)
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Maria Petronella BOTHMA, daughter of Petrus Gerhardus BOT(H)MA(N) and Anna Petronella de WET, was born before 4 May 1806. She married Pieter Jacobus GREYLING, son of Jan Christoffel GREYLING and Magdalena Johanna de WET, on 18 May 1823 in Graaf Reinet, Oos Kaap, SUID AFRIKA,. He was born on 17 September 1801.

      Children of Maria Petronella BOTHMA and Pieter Jacobus GREYLING:

      1. Jan Christoffel GREYLING (1826)
      2. Pieter Gerhardus GREYLING (18291925)
      3. Magdalena Johanna GREYLING (1838)
  3. Generation 3back to top
    1. Jan Christoffel GREYLING, son of Pieter Jacobus GREYLING and Maria Petronella BOTHMA, was born estimated 1826.

    2. Pieter Gerhardus GREYLING, son of Pieter Jacobus GREYLING and Maria Petronella BOTHMA, was born on 24 November 1829 and died in 1925 in Perdekop Standerton, , , at the age of 95.. He had a relationship with PN SKINNER He married Martha Francina GREYLING (third cousin), daughter of Abraham Carel GREYLING and Anna Susanna Elizabeth BESTER, on 6 April 1853 in Potchefstroom, , ,. She was born estimated 1835.

      Children of Pieter Gerhardus GREYLING and Martha Francina GREYLING:

      1. Pieter Jacobus GREYLING (1854)
      2. Abraham Carel GREYLING (1856)
      3. Jan Christoffel GREYLING (1858)
      4. Andries Jacobus GREYLING (1860)
      5. Martha Francina GREYLING (1862)
      6. Margaretha Christina GREYLING (1864)
      7. Heila Magdalena GREYLING (1868)
    3. Magdalena Johanna GREYLING, daughter of Pieter Jacobus GREYLING and Maria Petronella BOTHMA, was born on 3 December 1838.

Birth about 1781

MarriagePetrus Gerhardus BOT(H)MA(N)View this family
18 January 1801 (Age 20 years)

Birth of a daughter
Maria Petronella BOTHMA
before 4 May 1806 (Age 25 years)

Christening of a daughterMaria Petronella BOTHMA
4 May 1806 (Age 25 years)

Marriage of a childPieter Jacobus GREYLINGMaria Petronella BOTHMAView this family
18 May 1823 (Age 42 years)
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