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Cause of Death:<CAUS> Arteriosclerosis & old age Farmer in Aliwal North District. Formerly had a transport business in partnership with his brother, Douw Gerbrand Willemse. Family legend has it that they were extremely strong young men.When awagon wheel needed replacing, rather that going to a workshop with it, one of the brothers would get his shoulder under the wagon and lift the wheel off the ground, for the other brother toremove and replace. He injured his leg when young and one leg was always shorter than the other, making him walk with a marked limp.s he, perhaps because of his limited mobility, he became very heavy and spent hislast years in a chair. This chair is now in the possession of his grandson, Bennie Willemse. They had a joint will, leaving the farm, Kopfontein, to their son, Johannes Jacobus Willemse, while the survivor retainedthe right of residence on the farm and the income from it. Six monthsafter the death of the survivor, Johannes Willemse was required t o pay the sum of 200 pounds to the estate. He was not permitted to sell the farm until after the death of the survivor and afterpaying the 200 pounds. He was also to take over thebalance of the mortgage (675 pounds at the time the will was written), on th e farm, Kopfontein. Their other farm, Klipvlei, was left to their son, Barend Johannes Christoffel Willemse. He was required to pay the sum of 100 pounds to the estate, six months after the death of the survivor,with the same restrictions on the sale of the farm. He was also to assume the balance of the mortgage. The total of 300 pounds paid into the estate by the brothers was to go to theirthree daughters, in equal shares. The estate consisted of: Kopfontein: 293 morgen, 120 roods, at 5 pounds 10 shillings per morgen = 1611pounds and 10 shillings. Grootvlei: 137 morgen at 5 pounds per morgen = 685 pounds Stockand implements: 400 Merino sheep at 15 shillings each 32 cattle at 3 pounds each 2 horses at 6 pounds each 1 car 1 bokwa Farm inplements Furniture Total = 513 pounds Total value of estate = 2,809 pounds Executor: B.J.C. Willemse, Chantry, P.O. Ugie. There is a record of a mortgage on the farm Kopfontein, dated 9 June 1904, in the name of Johannes Jacobus Willemse. "Mortgagee: Willem Johannes Naude, of Klipspruit, Division of Aliwal North. Amount of mortgage: 175 pounds, at 6% per annum. It consisted of two parts; 1. For lot B, a part of the farm Kopfontein (granted originally to B. & W. Butler on 1 August, 1851, measuring 112 morgen, 68 sq. roods. 2. Portion of the farm Kopfontein, transferred to J. G. Greyling on 22 April 1875, measuring 181 morgen, 70 sq. roods. Both are more fully described in two deeds of transfer made in favour of the appearer's constituent on the 25th. August 1903. Insured for 200 pounds." (Medical):Dr C.G. Troskie
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Johannes Jacobus WILLEMSE
July 26, 1874146Caledon, Ooskaap, SUID AFRIKA,2November 29, 19685194Aliwal Noord, Ooskaap, SUID AFRIKA,July 18, 2015 - 8:44:32 a.m.