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Was born in Ladybrand, OFS, South Africa. After marriage, she and her husband lived in Germiston, where he was a policeman. When he was given a medical discharge, they lived, first, on asmall-holding near Potchefstroom, and later on a farm, named Klipplaa tfontein, near Aliwal North. There was no electricity and she had to cook on a wood stove and use oil lamps at night. Herlife was not easy. After Oupa died, she sold the farm and moved to Durban. Later she went to a retirement home in Pretoria, where she died, suddenly, of an acute heart attack. Like most farmers' wives, in those days, Ouma had a store of home remedies for just about every illness. Her children and grandchildren remember being afraid to even sneeze when visiting her --some of her cures were as bad as the illness! But most were su rprisingly effective.
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Catherina Wilhelmina BRITZ
July 22, 1903117Ladybrand, Vrystaat, SUID AFRIKA,0November 10, 19873284Pretoria, Transvaal, SUID AFRIKA,July 18, 2015 - 7:40:55 a.m.