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Cause of Death:<CAUS> Cancer of the stomach Born and raised in Aliwal North. Joined the South African Police force and served as a constable in Germiston. Invalided out because of a gastric ulcer and bought a homestead in Mooibank, close to Potchefstroom. Later bought a farm near to his family farm outside of Aliwal North. Ran a large herd of sheep and some dairy cattle. The farm was in arather arid area and subject to frequent drought. Life wasno always easy for them. Later in life his earlier stomach problems again became troublesome. Some years later, he was diagnosed as having stomach cancer. He was treated in hospital in Bloemfontein, but then went backto the farm where he died. He hated to leave his farm. Even a visit to the town was a major undertaking for him. He drove his car painfully slowly and the few miles into town seemed to take forever. The idea of a longervacation was quite unthinkable. This was hard on Ouma, who like d to visit people and had to do with very little social life. (Medical):Had a history of gastric ulcer, which bothered him for most of his life. Eventually died of stomach cancer.
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Barend Johannes WILLEMSE
September 25, 1900120Aliwal Noord, Ooskaap, SUID AFRIKA,019853584Aliwal Noord, Ooskaap, SUID AFRIKA,July 18, 2015 - 8:51:26 a.m.